Friday, December 26, 2014

Mars Hill, 2014!

  The Apostle Paul, was a great Ambassador for our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
Every move that he made, drew people to the Gospel. He was tried, appealed and eventually put to death. Along the journey, he found himself at a place in Athens, called Mars Hill.
  Mars Hill = a rocky peak, or height, in the city of Athens. This was a place where the Judges convened: the multitude of people flocked together here, eager to hear something new[Strong's]. Acts 17:18,19 what is  the new doctrine; especially preaching Jesus, and the Resurrection??
  This place was known for wisdom, idolatry, and alters: even if they didn't know the god. Some mocked His testimony, but their were converts that were interested in more of what Paul offered. Immanuel showed us how to go directly into the fire: or the Non-believers House of worship. The Apostles went among the hostiles - which is a lesson for us all.
  Mars Hill in Athens is not the only place of its kind: most Nations have one. In New York there is a Stature of Liberalism, that welcomes all religions and rules. Many gather there, eager to hear or see something new. There is too much superstition, idolatry, and just look around at the many alters.
  Around the world, many have built their Empires on "a rock", Vs. The Rock. "The storms will come, and great will be the fall".


  1. Mars Hill is an attitude! It has invaded many Nations, and churches. The fly flags of the enemy and brought the anything goes ministry inside - their church. The predictable, sad results is that these man-made-institutions become by-words. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth, is looking to multiply, good seed: the world however is divided against itself - and will not stand.

  2. M.H.2014 is the man-made-churches. The buildings have become the "alters". Social Justice is practiced there; and the multitude of people flock together there, eager, to hear something new-just as in time past, in Athens.