Sunday, December 14, 2014


  The practice, or application of Parables have been around for several thousands of years. Christ Jesus maximized Parables-and for very good reasons. This is one way to be wiser than the Serpent, and His seed, while being meek, or under-self-control. Interestingly, the world not only can not understand the Parable, or the definition.
  Oftentimes, the most precious, is hidden in plain sight - for those that can discern, or have Understanding. A Parable is an earthly statement, with a Spiritual meaning: also considered an allegory because it can have more than one meaning. The worldly-educated-Hypocrites of Christ Jesus day, could not understand any, or either meaning.
  Cain was trained to be a farmer, but was rejected because of his rebellion-to God[Gen.4:11,12]. The ground will not produce for Cain, or his descendants. This group refuse to open their eyes and repent, so Christ talks around them. The Twelve [12] Tribes that came through Sarah, can and do farm, even until this day.
  Matt.13:34 states that Christ Jesus spoke to the multitude in Parables, only! The world doesn't get it: they can not go around Christ: He is the only Savior. Hypocrites will die in their fakeness. Many Parables are given from an agriculture point of view. The man Adam[ formation] was a farmer.
  Mark 4 is a Parable of "The Sower". Mark 4:13 is the foundation for all of the other Parables. This one goes backwards to the Garden; which had No apples around. The truth is "X" rated, and for another blog. Mark 4:11 is a Vs. that should be applied, even today.

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