Tuesday, December 9, 2014

" Prophetic Times "

  Current events: "Prophetic Times" A.K.A. the Bible! We are living in prophetic times. This the season for "bad figs". Deception abounds; and has increased over the past 2014 years. The majority of what we see, especially what is connected to our flesh - is built upon a lie!
  John 10:10 "The Thief " [Satan] and His objectives: to steal, kill, and destroy.
Thief = an Embezzler, Pilferer. [Strong's] The name is transferred to false teachers, who do not care to instruct men, but abuse their confidence, for their own gain. These con-men are on the earth today.
  To steal physically, yes. But the #1 thing to steal, is the worship of mankind. The Thief and His kids specialize in identity theft: they are swiping birthrights and heritages. True descendants of Sarah, do not know their own identity: in the mix, the body-snatcher has implanted parasites, that the ignorant host cares for.
  To kill, is to create a fracture between the Creator, and mankind. The fracture is caused by rebellion, which takes on the doctrine of Cain-to control, or destroy. Through deception, people serve and worship the Tree of Knowledge, and assist in prepping the way for The Beast.
  The media is charged with carrying water for the Education king; which is a tool in Satan's tool box. They show, or give ink to what they require people to know, think, and talk about. The Word of Immanuel is very simple, clear, and accurate. Anyone desiring to know what time it is, should refer to the "Prophetic Times" - you cant go wrong!


  1. During these times, their are but two different people: the informed, and the ignorant[Dr. L.B.]. Matt.24:4 is a Commandment not to allow yourselves to be deceived. The Anti-Christ-System is here: look around. The System gets worse for the world; but they believe just the opposite. The heat is being turned up.

  2. Apology in advance for stepping on infringing into the greedy deceivers that are "making merchandise of people". The many prophets have twisted the Truth, just enough, that the lie is almost undetectable. 'BOO' to the Darkness!