Sunday, December 28, 2014

Religion 6 6 6 !

  Religion comes from the Greek root of religio = to return to bondage. Lucifer got into trouble because of Religion: It deceived 1/3 of the angel that followed - because of Religion. The Serpent[same Spirit, different name] in the Garden, deceived Adam and Eve through Religion. The first half of the Ten Commandments, deals with - Religion.
  Satan's counter; Religion via deception. The employment of Fake-ones, aka Hypocrites! His "house of bondage"[a system] is Progressive and moves slowly: most don't realize that what they are involved in, working for, or so passionate about, has crossed over into Religion.
  The Tower of Babel was built on a system of  Religion. The four Hebrew young men received a death sentence for Not participate  in Religion. Christ Jesus stated, "Many will come in My name, and deceive many" - these are Religions.
  Right now the Tares control approximately 99% of the worlds debt: what meanest thou? This Rev.13:3 that is operating in the shadows: the house of bondage. One must always remember the Ten Commandments and practice, or apply them daily. Otherwise serious violations will occur.
  The "traditions of men which makes void the Word of God" - is Religion. Christ Jesus/Immanuel came to destroy the works of the Devil; that is why He went to the Epicenter. Following the Creator of heaven and earth is a choice-for now: it is based on deliverance, Grace, and Faith. Following Christ Jesus is Not a Religion- it is reasonable, and it is real.


  1. The mark of the Beast is 6 6 6 = Vile, Seal, and trumpets. The mark is deception. Rev.13:16-18 the mark in [inside] their forehead, and their right hand. This is the application of walking, working, worshipping the Beast. Not being able to buy or sell - this is the current Tower of Babel system, owned and operated by the Tares. "What's in your wallet"?

  2. With the King James Version of the Bible Rev.13:3 - 13:12 employs the words Wondered, Worshipped, Worship, and worship: Chew, and re-chew on these verses for yourself. This is Idol-worship which is Religion.

  3. "Ye shall have no other gods before Me" People that spend more time and passion on something other than Jehovah our God, is in violation. Politics, is of the state, not of the Kingdom: for many, it is Religion, period.

  4. Centralized govt. is an "Establishment of Religion". It can Not be repaired by simply replacing the people inside the beast-system. It was designed to appear that it is not getting along: the system is Progressive.