Thursday, December 18, 2014

The, Greatest - Gift!

  During this time of "celebration" it is good to reflect, dissect, and enjoy-the Joy. Christ birth was designed thousands of years earlier, to be a big splash. The Bible from cover to cover, speaks of Christ Jesus; and with His birth marks in time - Immanuel.
  The actual birth was the end of September; but the Creator of heaven and earth, legally entered time, with purpose. Christmas as a poor kid did not officially start until parents gave the OK for Nat King Cole's Christmas-album to be  played. After 5 decades, my favorite song on the album has been changed.
  Hark the Herald angels sing was written by Charles Wesley in 1739: It mentions Christ, has "reconciled" God and sinners. Hark = to pay close attention. To listen attentively. Herald = an official messenger, bringing news. Reconcile = to restore friendship or harmony, settle, resolve, a verb[Strong's].
  The Christmas Story, is actually a Christmas-Statement. God came into time to kick Devil butt: Christ introduced the Kingdom of Heaven on earth; and the Cross provided a bridge of "Reconciliation". The hypocrites that were behind Christ-Crucified had no clue that the death sentence that Satan had, was about to be satisfied-once, for all time.
  "Glad Tidings" - of the Kingdom of God. Gospel = a reward of Good[Glad] Tidings. Glad Tiding of Salvation through Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ was proved by His words, deeds, death, and resurrection - came to be called the Gospel, or Glad Tidings[The Companion Bible].


  1. The importance of Nat King Coles "Christmas Song" is it kicked off the Season. My parents were in control-even of the big 78 album and the only record player in the house. My parents were believers: now non-believers are attempting to re-write History, and tell us what to believe and when.

  2. "Christ Jesus crucified" - explains Whom the players were, then and now. Hark the Herald = something big is about to happen: again!

  3. Joy! Christ, the Greatest Gift to mankind, and to me. Thank you LORD.