Wednesday, January 14, 2015


  Death can never be satisfied; neither can His children. "Thou shalt not covet ...." is a Rule, for good reason. Covetousness has strings, and spirits attached - and it usually doesn't end well. Being Content is being at peace, and it is required for a Righteous relationship with other people.
  Covetousness is extreme greed; an insatiable appetite for - stuff. The Apostle Paul spent most of his ministry, incarcerated. Yet he saw himself as a bond-servant of Christ Jesus. Paul was on assignment - with purpose, and light beam focus. Paul was an expert on this subject.
  The world[chaos] chases the wind; which is unstable. It has itchy ears. It makes decision from current events that is flawed and "Psychologically Manipulated" [Matt.24:4]. Paul however states in Phil.4:11 " for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am; therewith to be Content".
  This Content is concerning needs. It is unfailing strength. To be enough. To be satisfied. Sufficient for one's self. This and Psalms 23:5 have absolutely nothing to do with socialism: but often quoted by Non-Believers for bad reasons.
  A by-word states that if we free our minds, our feet will follow. Paul was physically restrained, and eventually put to death for following Christ Jesus: yet inside the mind of this great man - he was free. He was at peace, and had the necessary items to complete the mission.
                                                Content: what a great word for 2015!


  1. Our Creator has time for mankind to conclude that Centralized-govt. is Not the answer. The military can Not protect, and the un-Socialized in-Security can't be counted; or counted on.
    Christ Jesus is the only Answer: He, is more than enough!

  2. The opposite of a Content one:
    A double-minded person. They are unstable, in all of their ways. They are restless, and torn between Two..... The consequence? Don't expect anything from our Lord; starting with Peace.

  3. Two-Masters? Part time worship, is totally, unacceptable!
    A full time worshipper of our Lord, is a Content person - it is written all over the face.