Tuesday, January 20, 2015


  Centralized-govt. is the direct results of the "rejection of our Lord". Via deception, people actually believe that they are in order, because God allowed it. This form of govt. is a plug-and-play-system that can have well intentioned people, quickly become greedy-windbags.
  Founders intended for protectors of the U.S.C. to be gathered together only on a temporary basis. The great Document doesn't require interpretation: it requires followers. Come, handle U.S.C. duties, then go home. A stream intentionally slowed by muskrats, can easily become a stagnated, stinky swamp.
  Centralized-govt. can be identified by the excessive gas over the area; a result of walking, talking, stink-bombs. These people make up a large gathering, with volatile gas coming from both ends at the same time. The majority of the Social-Issues today, are the results of individuals inside Centralized-govt. that suffer with Gas Incontinence = out of control.
  Flatulence: from the Latin flatus = a blowing. A breaking wind. The dangerous part of this is Methane, and Hydrogen is highly flammable. It can also produce great Social distress-Nationally. Incontinence = a loss of voluntary control over the passage of flatus.
  "Take heed what you hear". The individual-planners gets an "F". From their heart[mind] the mouth speaks[bloviate]. "It is what comes out of the mouth that defiles". This Beelzebub-system can Not heal, correct, or clean itself.


  1. A serious condition to have individually; especially so when two or more gather in confined, non-vented space: i.e. Centralized-govt.. It is the System that is the problem. Those on the inside can not diagnose their problem. Those close, are complicit; or fueling with unclean fuel = constipation, and sulfur-compounds from both ends of the body.

  2. Not impossible, but difficult for a sick person/system to heal itself: The entire Caesar-System can not fix itself; and will not voluntarily move on. A catalyst must be introduced-from the outside.

  3. Rebellion will have nothing to do with our Creator; which means that We the People should see through the deceptive Gas-bags, and Not have anything to do with the Rebellious-ones. Some may ignore the smell for a while; but eventually new-noses come along, and call wind-factories what they are.

  4. All politics stinks: it doesn't matter the letter beside the name.