Thursday, January 29, 2015

GOD'S Seal !

  GOD's Seal is for His servants[Rev.7:3] - and it is on the inside of the brain; near the intersection of the eyes and ears. The Seal = the Truth. This makes the Seal untouchable by the Vials, or the #1 tool of the Enemy = deception.
  Zechariah 1:18 mentions the Four-Horns: which are in order - Education, Economics, Political, and Religion. These are the bad-figs that were produce from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. This is their season and they are coming out of the closet; world-wide. They know Whom their Father is, and will Not worship another.
  There are many "keys" in Zechariah 1:18,19, for individual study, and deliverance. Vs. 20 mentions Four-Carpenters - which are on assignment. For those who know the Truth, move out of their way. Pseudo-teachers and Pseudo-leaders can lie and deceive the people; but these Four-Carpenters know who makes up the House of Israel - and who the Gentiles are: and so should we.
  Matt.24:5 "Many will come in My name". Christ = the Anointed, Savior, the Answer, etc.. These are also Pseudo-prophets, politicians, and religious ones.
Matt.24:7"Nation against nation, and kingdom, against kingdom". Luke 21:9 "Be not terrified".
  The Seal of Truth makes one untouchable. Sadly, many of the leaders are Fakes[hypocrites]; including 90% of those preaching, writing, and in front of cameras. During this time, we are to "stand", but not in the way!


  1. The Four-horns [Zechariah 1:19,19] which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem = Kenites, Bad-figs, Tares.

  2. Four Carpenters of Zechariah 1:20 are skillful to destroy; warriors.
    Zech.1:21 These have come to the fray [terrify].
    These Carpenters attack the Horns-which represent the strength, of one-world-ism.

  3. Gentiles of Zech.1:20 = Not of the House of Israel [Gen.35:22-26]. Again in Gen.49:1-27; high-lighting Gen.49:8-10, concerning Judah.
    Revelation 7:4-8: again, "all of the Tribes of the children of Israel".
    Don't look at the math - look at the Names!

  4. B.C. - Before the Cross: A.C. - After the Cross.
    A.C. are followers of Christ Jesus, that are "grafted" or "adopted" into the House. This was by the design of our LORD: all else is man-made-mess.

  5. 1Jn.4:1-6 the test: Tares can Not confess that Christ Jesus [Immanuel] is come in the flesh. Many are awaiting their Star-God, who will come: this is serious, loyalty. They can Not acknowledge the Cross - even though they put Christ Jesus on it.