Friday, January 16, 2015


  This is one word that people are afraid to touch; because it has been miss-taught. The word has several different definitions, requiring that one knows, then stay inside the context. Christ Jesus employed this word many times - the word will not bite.
  This is not about the Judges, it is speaking of the act itself. Matt.7:1,2 "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged. This is a standard: a warning not to be a hypocrite. Christ Jesus followers should sit-up straight, and pay close attention[Mark4:24].
  Luke 6:37,*38 covers judging, condemning, and forgiveness: this is Kingdom business; under Grace, the Standard is higher, not lower. We should take heed not to conclude who, can be Redeemed, and who has no, Redeemable qualities. Again, we release the spirit from our mouths, that will return unto, or upon ourselves.
  Luke 12:14 this fellow was looking for the Jude that divides, a divider, or redistributor. The Hebrew law is clear that all of the inheritance is Not given out in equal parts. He thought that Christ Jesus would require the law be broken - just for him. The oldest son received a double-portion for good reason.
  Pre-Judge: Jn.7:51 Nicodemus ask this question at one of Christ Jesus trails. "Does our law Judge any man, before it hears him, and knows what he did"? The wicked Tares had already condemned Christ to death. It also exposed the fact that they were Not following Moses [Jn.18:31]. Whatsoever we bind on earth, will be bound in Heaven.


  1. All should consider very seriously the above. The Tares sought to murder Christ from the beginning of His earthly ministry. They spread lies, and conducted two illegal trails. This same group, now has it's system in position. We must take heed, and employ wisdom; during this Bad-fig-generation.

  2. The media is owned and operated by the same ones that Christ Jesus exposed. Rev. employs the word "flood". It is a flood of lies that the Tares attack people with. They also encourages polls, opinions and conduct illegal trails - just as with Christ Jesus.

  3. Mark 4:24 What we hear is very, Very important.
    Matt.12:36 Idol words, God will judge.
    Rom.2:16 God will judge the secrets of mankind.
    Under Grace - the Standard is higher.