Sunday, January 18, 2015

One GOD!

  One GOD[Jehovah] doesn't apply to all. There is a religious program on t.v. that promotes that "all three Religions" in the Middle East, have one Deity. It is easy to see that the Lord and His Spirit, hit the exit thousands of yrs. ago. "Hear o' Israel, the LORD our GOD, is one". This was addressed to the "House".
  Blind leaders are not to be followed, or believed: they are Religious - but reject Christ Jesus. Blind leaders have a totally different doctrine, and objectives. They are connected to "Bad Figs" and should be avoided. Blind leaders and their followers are covered up in chaos[confusion], and we must know who, the Author of this is.
  The followers of Christ Jesus, have but one Enemy. This is easy to remember: ONE GOD; one Enemy. Ephes.6:12 identifies - Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the darkness of this world[chaos], and against Spiritual wickedness in high places.
  The Gospel of John states that Christ Jesus, Immanuel, Jehovah, "All things were made by Him": most-spoken into existence. Gen.1:26 GOD[Elohim] said "Let us make mankind ...." He was speaking to Someone. Christ told His disciples that He would leave, but seen the Comforter: which is God's Spirit.
  The One LORD being spoken of here is: The Tree of Life, in the Garden. The One that spoke to Moses from the burning bush. The Pillar by day, and the fire by night, leading the Hebrews from Egypt, to the Promised Land. The One in the lion's den with Daniel: the Fourth-Man in the fire with the three Hebrew young men.
This same One - took on my death sentence to the Cross - and arose; with all glory, honor, and power.


  1. This One, the Creator of heaven and earth, is a big GOD: He is concerned, even today, with the affairs of mankind. Kling-on religions, are just that: Kling-on!

  2. The First[Ex.20:3-8] 5 Commandments Deals with what is REQUIRED to have a righteous relationship, with our LORD[YHVH]: the only True and Living God. All of the other gods[idols] are just that: little g[s].

  3. Idolatry is a no-no; the results show up as instability in all areas of the violator's life. Quite often they chase after broken-wind, without ever realizing it.