Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Good News!

  All of the Disciples were physical Witnesses of Immanuel in the flesh, was, Christ Jesus. We are Witnesses, through Faith. Our sermons should be the same: the "Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven". The Good News is Christ on the Cross, satisfied the penalty of death, and Christ arose - from Satan, victoriously.
  Christ Jesus is the bridge between the Creator, and mankind: Good News. The dominion that Satan stole from mankind, has been returned, by Christ Jesus: Good News. "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand", and indeed it was, and is today. Christ Jesus is the Ultimate Example for a quality life on earth, and throughout Eternity.
  The sad news is that people continue to listen to the lie of a dead-spirit-talking. His Children are rebellious, and are doing, all of the "Thou shalt not", and are deceiving many. They operate in darkness or confusion. 1Cornt.14:33 God[YHVH] is not the Author of confusion; Satan, Tares, and their willing-workers, are.
  Author = who originated, or gave existence to. Responsible for what was created[online def.].
Authorize = give official permission for, or approval. Empower[online def.]. The Kingdom is both physical[dominion] and Spiritual - which is located behind our eyes, and between our ears. This is Good News.
  Acts17:24 We are the many mansions. The temple-system has been destroyed by Christ on the Cross. Our Lord requires us to "walk" as He demonstrated, in Spirit and in Truth. The Kingdom of Heaven is so simple, that little ones can understand it: Good!


  1. Take heed of those who say "its complicated" : = it was designed to confuse.

  2. A Tree is known by its fruit. Our Lord is not the author of confusion. He is the Author of peace. Look around the world today: the result of the "rejection" of our Lord is obvious. The world[chaos] can Not, save itself.