Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Priest - Hood.

  True Priest are of the descendants of the Tribe of  Levi; made famous because of Moses, and Aaron. Christ Jesus mother, and John the Baptist mother, were both daughters of Aaron. The Priesthood[Ex.40:15] is "everlasting". The anointing for this office, is also "everlasting".
  "That they may minister unto Me" is the responsibility of the Priest: how so? The Priest are boots on the ground people that worship the Lord with their walk. Remember the parable of the Sheep, and the goats. The Priesthood changed with Christ on the Cross.
  The temple Veil[holiest place in the temple] damaged from top to bottom at the very moment that the death-sentence was carried out; the Hypocrite-system was "Finished". Religion had to be checked, in order for Christ Jesus to bring in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.
  The Royal Priesthood [1Peter2:9], the chosen generation, a Holy-Nation, a peculiar people is right here, right - now. Priest - minister, to God, by serving mankind. Hood = covering: short for neighborhood.
  Priest understand Faith, and speaking - into existence, just as our Creator did. Priest understand that "death and life is in the power of the tongue". "Occupy until I return" is an order that is accomplished with the Holy Spirit, and Holy Righteous Angels here to respond to our "words". Priest are not afraid of getting their boots dirty.


  1. 1Peter2:9-10 This is a New Nation of people. One is required to break these words down via definition; for themselves, because it involves race - and it is Not what has been taught.
    The Royal Priest-Hood is on earth-now.

  2. The Temple-System of Religion is dead. Our Lord knows where the Synagogue of Satan is: and so should we. Our Lord also knows who his Shepherds and Sheep are;....

  3. In order to understand Matt.26:31, "I will strike the Shepherd and the Sheep shall flee", one must look at Zach. 13. This is a good, good thing; because it is our Lord is doing the striking, and causing the sheep to go free. Christ on the Cross - struck, the enemies shepherds, but is Not finished.