Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Sixth Vial.

  The Six Vial come from the Book of Revelation 16; which involves an angel pouring out the cup. This one of Seven Vials, that are of the wrath of God[YHVH]. This is another untouchable subject, because of miss-teachers - people have been taught that this will not affect them.
  "Go your ways" -  this means: go fourth. This  wrath is a result of God's judgment. One angel declares that "Thou art righteous O' Lord  because Thou has judged this". All 7 angels did Not dump their Vials all at once; but the Vials, Seals, and Trumps are concurrent: which is how 6 6 6 intersect!
  Judgment can be good, or bad; we all get from the Lord what we have earned. This Vial deals with the wicked. "Sealed" followers can not be harmed. This Sixth Vile is poured out on the great river Euphrates: and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings[supply, that come] of the East might be prepared.
  This Verse is not the final battle. It is not speaking of Russia either: Aircraft Carriers, long range bombers, and Cruise Missiles do not require this river. But the Locust Army does use bridges. The agreement between several Nations in 1946 to build several dams along this massive river: dams materialized in 1975/76!
  These kings have the affect of scorpions when they sting their victims-it produces extreme fear, pain, and immobilization. They terrorize people, and Nations; and many are afraid to even call them by name. They are a serious threat to the One-world-System, because they can not be defeated by mankind.
                                It is not to late to Repent, and accept Christ Jesus as Lord.


  1. Standing on the west side of the Euphrates, and face towards the rising sun: 1/2 of Iraq, 1/2 of Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Russia! This is where the personnel, equipment, and weapons are flowing from; and over the Euphrates.

  2. The key to Rev.16:12 is Judgment: the war on terror is Not.
    The Host protecting parasites, will soon discover, that it can not protect itself.
    Wake up! Don't forfeit peace any longer: Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
    Christ Jesus - is the only Savior.

  3. Isaiah 54:14-17 Established in Righteousness: well separated from oppression, fear, and terror.
    Our enemies fall.
    16 is Judgment; we are not involved in this. Protection is our "heritage".

  4. And the world[chaos]? It will go broke fighting the "war on terror". People will be sick of war. This will be the platform that The-Fake-Christ entrance is made upon. Sermons - Peace and Prosperity.