Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The, strong-man !

  On fantasy island, people can say or become whatsoever their aspirations are. Blind-leaders often do the same thing. A Tree[only 2] is known by the fruit that it produces: and so it is with leaders. Strong-men follow the lead of their Dad, and continue to make knew rules - and definitions.
  Christ Jesus ask the question[Mat.12:29] "How can one enter into a strong-man's house..."? Mar.3:27 Christ answers "No man can enter into a strong-man's house..." Who - is this strong-man? For those who do not believe in the law; understanding has been forfeited!
  This strong-man, is the Strong-One: the One that rebelled in the First-Heaven-Age, and was ejected. The Tree of Knowledge of good, and evil-but chose evil. The One who tricked Adam and Eve out of their Deed/Kingdom. This One can Not change, or repent; He is dug in.
  Ex.22:2- Deadly force could be employed on a burglar caught in the act. Ex.22:7- A thief caught with evidence is required to re-pay, double. Deut.24:7- Kidnapping is a death penalty. Zech.5:4 Entering The Thief's house. This strong-man is occupying a house that He stole.
  No man, or animal's blood could do - what Immanuel did: if it could have, it would have been done. Christ Jesus bound Satan, and reclaimed mankind to Himself. Christ Jesus gave back the Kingdom to the Rightful owners. The strong-man has been dealt with - forever.


  1. The strong-man is The Thief of Jn.10:10: His objective/purpose is very simple. He has been bound. His spirit and seed[Tares] are seeking ignorant ones to devour. The followers of Christ Jesus do not need to keep swinging at a Dead-spirit-talking; let us however reclaim what is legally ours.

  2. "Seed - Time - Harvest; for as long as the earth remains".
    Expand, Enlarge, Grow, Occupy; this is for us - now.
    Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty...
    It is time to spoil the strong-man.

  3. The wealth of the wicked .... - on behalf of Grandparents, Parents, and ourselves, I reclaimed all that the strong-man took; multiplied. I denounce one-world-system, and rebuke it: Get the hence, Tares.