Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Words, matter!

  Everything that makes up the world[cosmos], was created by God[Jehovah]. Our five-senses do a great job of helping the natural man, stay connected in the flesh; but does little for the Spiritual person. We must know that through faith - we are connected to something much Bigger than our senses, can sense.
  Christ Jesus spoke; Faith went to work. We are in our Creator's image. Without Faith .... Daniel prayed [communication] and [big angels] showed up: he said from the first, your prayers[words] were heard. Dan.10:12 "I am come for thy words". Some of the words = Dan.9.
  The Roman Centurion ask Christ Jesus to "just speak the word". He was a man under authority, and knew how it worked. Because of what the request was for, and the process of authority, Christ Jesus was moved; and complimented his faith.
  Matt.12:36 has Christ Jesus cautioning the listeners against "idle words" = which are careless, or useless words. Our words should have power in the natural, and even more so in the Spirit: this is the meat that our Angels are standing by for: we judge our Angels. Our Enemy encourages idle-words.
  Zach.4:6 is important. Prov.18:21 is important. Eccl.8:4 is important.
Our prayer: Matt.6:9-13 = "Power" this is strength, ability, inherent power, the power of numbers and influence; not involving human strength; the root of dynamite.
               Were admonished to be quick to hear, and slow to speak. Our Words, matter!



  1. Dan.10:5-9 is a description of Christ Jesus[The Angel of the Lord] being present on the scene - because of the words spoken. The Roman Centurion words cause the Creator of heaven and earth, to "marvel" at this demonstration of faith.

  2. "Believe in thy heart [mind, soul, spirit] and confess with thy mouth" is a confession of faith: Faith in Christ Jesus, that He is Immanuel, died on the Cross in my stead, and arose on the third Day.
    We now have the Authority, to speak: handle with care.

  3. Matt.12:37 "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned".