Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Be Offended".

  Matt.24:10 "And then shall many, Be Offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate, one another". Even a spiritually-blind person can tell that something is going on in the world of chaos. It appears to be getting worse - because it is getting worse. These are symptoms of "sorrow" aka labor-pains.
  The big problem: many have chosen Caesar over our Lord. We are also admonished to chose Life and have been disobedient = the results are all around; yet plea ignorance. Some are walking so crooked, that they have convinced themselves, that they are doing the Lord's work. These are the "Offended" ones.
  Offended = stumble. These are all over the television, radio, and pulpits around the globe. They betray, because they get involved with "another Christ". This Christ directs them on whom to hate. These "Offended" ones are spiraling down, and have gotten into the life-raft, with Satan.
  The Offended are offended by the Truth. Christ Jesus in Matt.24:10 is quoting Is.8:15 = Many shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken. These call themselves __. Deceived, can only teach deception. The Apostle Peter in 2Peter2 states that "false teachers among us, deny the Lord that BOUGHT them".
  Christ Jesus was asked about "paying tribute" [poll tax]? Peter recovered a coin from a fish's mouth and Christ ask the question: "Whose is this image, and superscription"? The answer - Caesar. The above "Offended" worship the image, and superscription of Caesar; and lead others to do the same.


  1. Is.815 shorten: "stumble, fall, broken, snared, and taken".
    No matter what their words are, watch their works; it has the Mark of the Beast all over it.
    Matt.22:20 "Whose Image"? The image and superscription, can Not be hidden.

  2. True Worship - in Spirit and in Truth.
    Satan however is all about idolatry. Just like an Alpha-dog, Satan and His children, must mark their stuff.
    The "Offended" will be offended when the jig is exposed.

  3. All should take a moment and look at the $$$ in their possession! Deceived ones will slave for it; criminals rob and steal it; Nations war to spread it. Whose image is on it? Whose Superscription? This is a private corp. I. d. on the top: it owns the image and the Caesar, that is imaged. "In God we trust" is the Tree of Knowledge!