Friday, February 20, 2015


  Global-warming is a scam, Idolatry, and Judgment on the land.
Our LORD made seasons. If the Enemy, or his children can convince people that they can control this - then people will worship, the controllers. There is but One Weather-Man!
  In Gen 1:2 we have the "beginning" of the "second-earth-age." Gen.1:9 GOD is separating the water that covered the entire earth: Noah's flood was to a specific region, and purpose. Evidence shows across the state of Ga. from Augusta, to Macon, and Columbus. There is Sand-stone, Beach-sand, and River-stones that goes backwards millions of years.
  The Grand Canyon has age-marks on both sides of the Canyon, which yells out that this entire area was completely under water. So does dry lake beds in Cal., Dry salt lake in Utah, etc..
Gen.1:14 GOD divided the lights; day and night, for "signs, and seasons, days and years."
  The controllers have Cain's fingerprints all over Global-warming. His and Tares must control, or destroy - which - is their doctrine. One-world-System that controls through excessive taxes and regulations: = people financing Socialism.
  The earth was designed to be inhabited. The Righteous shall never be removed.
Rom.1:25 the controllers have changed the "Truth of GOD, into a lie, and worship and serve the creation, more than the Creator."


  1. The end for the Tares that refuse to repent: Rom.1:32 = worthy of death. "Have pleasure" = consent. Those that consent are in danger as well.

  2. Good science is good. Opinions are not theories, and theories are not facts. The world of chaos has convinced people that opinions count. Many quacks have never heard of the scientific-method.

  3. The Preacher in Eccles. 1:4-7 made a factual scientific observation over 2,000 yrs. ago.
    "The earth, stands, forever." Written by one of the wisest men, to ever walk the earth!

  4. "Global-warming" - the Global, says it all!