Sunday, February 8, 2015


  New Bibles, that were copy-righted by Non-followers teach that "we are no longer under the law" - which is an incomplete sentence. What law? Who did away with it? Why? When was it done away with? A point is that leaders are teaching a lie: they can Not explain, what they themselves, do not understand.
  Christ Jesus, Immanuel, went to the Cross because of the law. The law was the broken Rules from the Garden that allowed Death[Satan] authority in the world. Death is also the separation that came between GOD and mankind. The death-penalty was satisfied on the Cross, Death was defeated, and the Cross provides a bridge from mankind to GOD.
  It is not factual to say that at no time has anyone seen the face of GOD! Many have spoken, and been in His presence. All of the 12 Disciples/Apostles witnessed Immanuel and were taught to preach "Repentance" and the "Kingdom". They never advised anyone to be a Law-breaker!
  Immanuel came with Grace and Truth with Him: these Two should result in Faith. We are Justified by Faith - in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus stated in Matt.12:37 that we are Justified, or - condemned, by our words. This begins with our confession of Faith[Rom.10:9] which means that Justified, is Salvation.
  Is this new? Only approx. 6,000 yrs. old. Immanuel open the "door" for who-so-ever-will. The law is good, righteous, and Holy. The is currently in place. Misleaders don't seem to know the difference between "the law" and works. The law is our schoolmaster[Gal.3:24].
                                                  Justified by Faith: now get to work!


  1. This Justification is the plan of Salvation. "Bruise heel; Bruise head" from the Garden. The religious-machine refuse to follow this because it acknowledges Immanuel. They are stuck on deny, and cover-up that GOD came in the flesh - legally, died on the Cross with purpose, and arose three days later.

  2. Luke 18:14 "Everyone that exalts himself, shall be abased". Just like the Tower of Babel, man continues to move around the Rules. This exaltation continues today: look - really look at what the religious ones are doing; beginning in the Middle-East, and Churches. "Seeking to Save their own souls, will lose".

  3. Gal.5:4 is for the religious ones that represent the "Iron" of Dan.2:33; they are Bad-figs that are now in charge of the world-of-chaos. These Hypocrites deny Christ Jesus, and forfeited their Grace: they are Blind-leaders, that are Not to be followed.