Monday, February 2, 2015

"kingdom against kingdom".

  A king and his domain = kingdom. The one kingdom is has Satan at the head, and operated by his child and seed; Cain, and Tares. Cain was totally rebellious and greedy. Of this kingdom they are never satisfied-nor can they be satisfied. Their doctrine: control or destroy! Their objective is to prepare the world of chaos, for the arrival, of their savior.
  The other kingdoms are joking for position. Some are content and would like to be left alone. Their military is set up for defensive use-only. Their expansion is usually via economic means. One has to look no further than Jerusalem - which is a Holy place for three Religions: which are all, pushing for the one-world-Religion.
  All of the pushing and shoving reminds of an old re-run, from thousands of years ago. Dan.7:3 mentions "four great beast". Dan.7:17 explains that "these great beast, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth".
  Eventually it comes down to One; which makes war with the saints... This beast is the beast of Rev.13 = the one-world-political-system. It suffers a serious wound, that requires their Daddy and fallen angels to come and repair the system.
  One king is pushing the "Caliphate", the other king is awaiting "another Jesus" - and via deception combine two Beliefs[Christian and Judaism] as one. This can not be made up; it was prophecy yrs. ago: don't believe it? Just look around.
                                                    "The Truth shall make you free".


  1. People know in their minds that something very serious is going on in the world. The Truth is drying up - as if there is a "famine".
    People are being required to make a choice: and being shown daily, that little "g" can Not save or protect them.

  2. "Iron and Clay" of Daniel - is worthy of an answer, today!
    "Woe unto those that do give suck" = is fueling the System.
    "Woe unto those that are with child" = impregnated by the System.
    The above include religious leaders, programs, progressives, and politicians.