Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Nation angainst Nation".

  Nation against Nation has been ongoing, since the Garden. This again, was reported of in Gen.25:22-23 with Isaac and Rebekah and the struggling Nations inside if her womb. Individuals war on the inside between Two Nations; and usually greed, or rebellion is the root cause.
  These Two Nations that Christ Jesus is speaking of in Matt.24:7 is quoted from Is.19:2 - it mentions Egypt: which is a symbol, that represents a house, or system, of bondage. Our Lord states this in the beginning of the Ten Commandments.
  One system of bondage is the One-World-ism [Rev.13] which is to prepare the way for the world-[chaos] king = the Fake-Christ.
Free people utilize Free-Market-Money. We are living in the time of not being able to "buy or sell" without the "mark of the Beast, or his image".
  "Nation against Nation" is a "house divided" - it breaks down morally, and civilly; it implodes. A.C. [after the Cross] the first sign is deception, rejection of our Lord, and bad currency: then the downward spiral, begins.
  M.O. - Stand-up comedians often pick on people in the audience; they go back and fourth, but, the comedians, always wins. This has and is happening in churches, leadership, all the way to 1600 Penn. Av. and all over the world. It is bullying. The microphone, pulpit, podium, etc. is the platform for control. The one with the microphone is the dictator of the day: and usually - wrong.


  1. Nations are made up of people. From people to families. The back-bone of a Nation is families. For a family to be protected, and prosper, it has to stay focused on Big "G" and put Him first. If not? A Sword is coming: as the family goes[direction], so does that Nation.

  2. Satan's-seed are few in numbers, but have during this season, taken control of the National microphones in an effort to make one-world-ism a Nation-for Satan. There is much opposition to this agenda.

  3. Individually and collectively, GOD is requiring us to decide which Nation?
    Many leaders that we looked upon as being wise - are just as ignorant as the followers: not their fought, because they have been miss-taught.