Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pest Control !

  Imagine Moses making demands and request of Pharaoh - even after the Lord had made it perfectly clear, that He had hardened Pharaoh's heart. Visualize the enslaved Children praying for a changed heart; or mercy - from Pharaoh! All involved were pieces to something much, Much larger than themselves: The Lord was allowing a glimpse of His capacity, and what He will employ to complete the objective.
  Matt.24:7 speaks of Famines, Pestilence, and Earthquakes. First, Famines and Pestilence is Not one word: they are two, with two separate definitions. This Famine is spoken of, for this time as a shortage of the Word of our Lord: this is that season!
Pestilence symbolizes plague: it is also-actual fearful sights, ex. terror, suicide bombings, beheading.
The root of Pestilence, Pest. The famous Pestilence is the Four horses of Rev.6: which represent Judgment.
  The word Pestilence was first used in Ex.5:3. Jer.21:7 makes the same point - or is the second witness. All of nature recognizes our Lord. He is wise enough to employ exactly what is necessary to get the message, clearly across. The animals chosen for Pharaoh's assignment, were specific: the magicians and wizards couldn't keep up.
  Overtime, our Lord has employed a talking donkey, attack-frogs, blood-sucking-gnats, ravens, etc. to accomplish the mission. Pharaoh's empire was destroyed by nature. A reasonable person would have given in: but our Lord made Moses into a god [Ex.7:1-5] before Pharaoh, which was unacceptable.
  Recognize Judgment. Repent if applicable. Move out of it's way. How does one control Pest? Worship only the One, Whom controls them.


  1. The current events on Earthquakes is - they have increased in frequency, including abnormal[diverse] locations: and the state-media is not reporting on them. Globalist-global-warming followers are Not in charge of nature - no matter what they imply.

  2. Modern day Hypocrites refuse to acknowledge Pestilence: they dismiss it as "disease", that they can control. "Just change the name, and it will be fine".