Friday, February 27, 2015

The # 1 Heed !

  This article will be covering the 6-pointed-star, that is Not connected to King David; but King Solomon. Matt.24:4 Immanuel was speaking to His-church: and so is this blog. Those that are Followers of the Word of GOD should know that certain things are absolutely forbidden: Idolatry, and Deception, are two of them.
  New-age, is not new: it goes back to the Garden. It is Idol-worship. The 6-pointed-star is an occult symbol. The number 6 = is the number assigned to man, or flesh: it also is the number for test/testing. People have been "proven" for almost 7,000 yrs., but should know Who is conducting the test.
  Someone made an interesting observation on the-6-pointed-star: it has 6 points, 6 sides, and 6 angles. In "The Revelation of Christ Jesus"[Rev.13:17,18] the number assigned to The-Beast is 6 6 6; which actually is 6th.Trump, 6th. Seal, and 6th.Vile. Church-folks, this is "forbidden fruit."
  The-star and Idol-worship is condemned, and punishment quickly handed out by our LORD in Amos 5:26,27. This referenced again in Acts 7:43. Double witness: this is extremely serious; and current today. El-Satan has considered himself a star - which he copied.
  The-star represents rebellion: look around and listen to those that believe in this symbol, and what it actually stands for. These "Traditionalist" persecuted and crucified Christ. Christians, should not wear, or fly flags in their pulpits, or their steeple of a Hexagram!!!
                                           "Take Heed that no man deceives you."


  1. Mysticism is a no-no for the Body of Christ; so is psychology. What is done openly is for man: done in secret[hidden] is not Deut.29:29. The unknowingly, ignorant, or malicious, should Repent, and get rid of all of the spiritual-new-age-mess.

  2. Morning-star is a copy. Saturn is the planet connected to Saturn. Take heed of the little-stars in the form of people: rock, movie, preachers, etc.. This is the White-horse of Rev. that function under artificial lights.

  3. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus went to the epicenter of Hypocrites; and uncovered for us, that the Mosaic-law, and the Levite-priest had been replaced by the "Traditions of men" which was religion! This religion goes back to the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil - that chose evil.

  4. The "Key of David" is knowing the lineage of Christ Jesus. This door is unlocked and no man can close it. Signs and symbols violate the first 5 of the Ten Commandments.
    Truth is freedom, and will save lives. The # 6 is a test: written or un-written, learn to discern the System.