Monday, February 23, 2015

The 4 Horsemen!

  These are the color horses that the Apostle John saw in the Spirit: each color is symbolic for actual event, or manifestation, that would happen in the natural. Horses represent a mode of transport. This Book is titled "Revelation" - by man; but its entire name is: "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" = the unveiling, revealing, and presentation. This Book was designed, to be understood.
  The White-horse. This white is dazzling; artificial-lights. He that sat on this horse, had a bow, but no arrows. A crown was given him, and he went fourth conquering. Armed with deception. The crown was given him by the one-world-system: the filthy-ill-gotten-gains-rich, media, and war-hawks. They are full of man-made-answers to the chaos.
  The Red-horse has authority to take peace from the earth - start wars, and rumors of war. They spread greed/covetousness, and spread debt around the globe: which has increased by 57 trillion $ since 2007. They follow the footsteps of their Dad, and doctrine of Control, or Destroy! Their "sword" is Fake = Religion.
  The Black-horse represents economics: it is false scales - debt currency. Central-banks and the M.S.M. have brainwashed citizens into believing that paper $, is wealth. Physical gold is flowing from West, to East. Through debt, people are financing Socialism, War, and Civil-unrest. There is *famine in the land[Word famine].
  The Pale-horse is ridden by non other than Satan, aka Death. He represents the foot of iron that is mixed in with clay from Dan.2. This iron, or sword is deception via the uninformed that actually believe that Christianity came out of Judaism = "Judeo-Christian." He also convinces Islam that the Savior - has arrived. He causes many, to be put to death.


  1. The Four are Cain, the son of Satan; His children - the Kenites, aka, Bad-figs, Tares.
    The above authorize, and employ Fakes to carry the Religious message, via print and bright camera lights: this foot [foundation] of iron and Clay[Truth Followers] is fragile and will collapse.

  2. Rev.6:6 "see that thou hurt not the Oil and the Wine." This Oil is for anointing - the Olive Oil, that the True-followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is anointed with.
    The Wine of Communion = the Blood of Christ Jesus: the Passover-Blood that the Death Angel recognize.

  3. Many pulpits and Teli-preachers/Evangelist are advocates for one-world-ism because they submitted to the system[501] and are allowed to spread "another Christ." They, quite possibly have never read the True-Word! "Woe unto those that are with child, or do give suck" is written to somebody.