Sunday, March 22, 2015

_ Bless you?

  The _ Bless you should be filled in with GOD[YHVH], but quite often, it is not. Not everyone has the authority to represent the Creator of the Universe in this way. Acknowledgement should be made for the other gods [Idols] of the world[chaos]: why? Because the fake-ones are blessing too.
  Ex.23:7 The GOD of heaven and earth states that "the wicked, will Not be justified." There are some that have been deceived, and do not know who the Enemy is: they kill[spiritually, and physically] the righteous and the innocent, and get involved in false matters.
  Ex.23:7 covers much: including individuals and nations that have formed alliances, and informed others on who is in, and who is out. This includes religions; such as the Federal Reserves, who spread their religion around the world - and employ the military to expand their empires.
  The Prophet Jeremiah was a true prophet of the LORD and spokesman - against the Tribe of Judah. They had fallen into idolatry:  just as today. The LORD had pronounced judgment: just as today: but the fake prophets convince the leaders that Jeremiah was a fake, and not-supportive of the wickedness that was going on - just as today.
  The "white horse" of Rev.6 has been released. Those who control the artificial lights and the podiums today, are of Matt.4:8-9. The devil is the head of these Principalities and authorized to "give." Be careful of those saying _ Bless you because it may not be our LORD. All are not spokes-people for our Creator.


  1. Signs are seen on a regular, of people supporting people, nations, or things; and on the signs are the god bless you! It is possible for GOD to bless-mess: but this is very unusual.
    Unequal-yoke has always been a no-no, and a quick way to forfeit one's peace and prosperity: in marriage and internationally.

  2. "You have not, because you ask, amiss." This is asking for selfish things, or something that we are unable to handle. GOD has already pronounced judgment on specifics, that are not a secret. To say GOD bless to those specifics is a waste of time. Followers know: and the Holy-Spirit helps.

  3. "Ask in My name" is not for everyone. "Loosed on earth, will be loosed in heaven" is for a select group. Our LORD recognizes His sheep, and we, His voice.
    We must stay connected to the True-Vine.

  4. There is freedom and safety in the Truth.
    There is bondage and violence in deception.
    The labor pains of trouble have increased, and some of the most wick, are now on the face of the earth: take heed!