Monday, March 16, 2015


  The Word states that the majority of mankind was "created" - on the 6th. Day. They were in GOD's image: blessed, given authority - hunter and gatherers. Male and female.
The-man-Adam was "formed" of the dust of the ground, by the LORD, and His Spirit was breathed into Adam, and he became a living soul. This man-Adam was a farmer. He was required to only eat clean foods. This is the linage by which Christ Jesus would enter into time.
  Dan. 2 has this great image with the #6 written all over it. This image is made up of different materials: with the heaviest being the head, and the most fragile being the feet - making it top-heavy. "His feet were part iron, and part Clay[Dan.2:33]." The form of it was terrible.
  This Clay represent the descendants of the first Clay-man-Adam. Dan.2:43 explains that the iron and miry clay shall  mingle themselves; but shall not cleave. The iron is the one-world-system. Through Adam the entire globe has been blessed. But life has not always been easy, and his Nation has often gone astray.
  Jn.10:10 "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy." That's it! While the Clay was complaining and rebelling [ Is.45:9, Is.64:8, Jer.18:1-12], The thief slithered in and stole their I.D.. This theft has people following, and worshipping the wrong god = Idolatry. Many innocent people, especially children, die every year attempting to protect the deception of the Thief.


  1. What Christ Jesus created and formed [Jn.1:3] is good. The righteous have not justification to second-guess the POTTER on their purpose; or the POTTER's intentions.

  2. The Clay-people, that are born, or grafted in, should remind themselves daily: we have Grace and Truth during these times. Watch, Pray, and be at Peace.
    Christ-Jesus, our Savior, and our Sabbath.

  3. Iron represents the one-world-machine which is built on sand, by the rebellious.
    Clay are the followers of the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.
    Christ Jesus is the ONE who taps the foot, causing the terrible-image to collapse: and great will be the fall.