Thursday, March 5, 2015

Covenant !

Covenants are agreements, between two or more people, with specifics as what is to be done, or not done. We see in the Word many Covenants, some of which were blood-covenants; with negative consequences. Our LORD is the only Covenant-Keeper!
  The first Covenant is employed in Gen.6:18 with the LORD, and Noah. This gentle man was down the line from The-Man-Adam[8th. Day-formation] and the beginning of the people called Hebrews. We have in this Scripture a Covenant with Noah, and the plan to save the family; and protect the pure lineage that Immanuel would come through. The wicked in that region - drowned.
  The Covenant was extended to Noah's seed[Gen.9:9] to never again destroy all flesh from the earth: This is Not referencing Noah's flood, but the end of the first-earth-age[Jer.4:22-29]. The beginning of the second-earth-age is Gen.1:2. The LORD's alliances, pledges, or treaty, is never normal, or common: they are designed to last - forever.
  With Noah: "never to destroy all flesh with a flood of water. With Abram: Land [Gen.5:18]; and Multiplication of descendants [Gen.17:2-4].
In Gen.17:7-10 a rare glimpse of a Covenant that the LORD made with Himself, after putting Abram to sleep. All blood ordinances including circumcision was nailed to the Cross-of Christ.
  It is a Covenant that says we are a "Great Nation"[the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, right now].
"We are Blessed, and shall be a Blessing." The LORD states that He will Bless those that Bless thee, and curse those that curse thee." "And in thee, shall all families of the earth be Blessed."


  1. Matt.26:28 the New-Blood-Covenant. This is New Blood; not the blood of the best animals. This the Blood of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. It also brings in a New Covenant that is in addition to ... The Promise - fulfilled.

  2. No Covenant could be made, without the shedding of blood [Ex.24:8, Heb.9:20], and no remission of sin without it [Lev.17:11].
    The New-Nation, is the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, today. "Who-so-ever-will" is welcome in.

  3. We have the authority to Bless in the Name of Christ Jesus; and speak Life.
    Christ spoke to the storm - and so can we. We have the Covenant of Life, and Peace.
    The Death-Angel recognizes the Passover-Blood.
    Thank You LORD!