Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter; Ishtar !

  The word Ishtar over time was Christianized into Easter, and practiced by religious folks who are rebellious, ignorant, or flat-out deceived. Some things in life should not be mixed, or mingled together: this is on par with 5 pounds of chicken manure - with a pinch of sugar on top. A "little Levine" turns the entire lump; good or bad.
  Ishtar = the goddess of fertility [search the I-net] Rabbits were a symbol of the sex-orgies that took place in the spring. Rabbit are known for quick sex and reproducing. What appears innocent and harmless is not. Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus should know to avoid, even the appearance of evil.
  Ishtar/Easter is a HEATHEN practice: it is classed under religion. HEATHENs are Non-Christians; Non-Believers. A Heathen B.C. [before the Cross], is also a Heathen A.C. [after the Cross]. A -Christian, is a Non-Believer, period. "Grapes from thistle?" No!
  Ishtar = "Star of Heaven." Just not our Star. People in the churches do not realize that they are following after "another Christ." Remember the first 5 of the Ten Commandments. For those that have half-Bibles, Immanuel did Not destroy the Law[Matt.5:17-19]; and reminded Hypocrites of the Two-Great-Commandments.
  The Pass-Over is 15 days out from the Spring Equinox: it is for us. The Feast is a reminder of the broken-body, and the precious Blood, shed for us. This is a High-Holy-Day. Sweet Communion. If one desires to play with chicks, eggs, and bunnies, do it some other time, and place. Idolatry, has always been forbidden for us!


  1. Heathen in Part 1 of the Bible is a Non-Hebrew. Heathen in Part 2 of the Bible is a Non-Christian. In both times, people could be "grafted" in.
    No Heathens were present at the Pass-Over Feast of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.

  2. Pagan is a religion. So is Communism, and Atheism.
    Big deal? Rev.13, "a beast" [one-world-ism] sets the stage for "The Beast" and the "world[chaos] wondered after The Beast."
    Take heed who we become yoked with.

  3. Ishtar = Star of Heaven. This new-aged-religion goes right back to the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and evil. An I-net search points to two different Stars, and fails to mention Saturn. This is the one to watch; for it's symbol is the one that we should be familiar with. The "Generation" is now upon us.