Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Financing - the - System !

  Our LORD has placed success into our hands. It begins with acknowledgement of HIM, reverence of HIM, and work. HIS instructions = success. The master-plan is to prosper us financially, sound mind, and good health. The above, is not the case with the world [chaos] and Central-planners.
  Socialism/Communism is anti-people. In the U.S.C. the federal-govt. gets very little power: the majority goes to the states, and the people. Central-planners have turned this power-grab, upside down; but, this is no surprise to our Creator.
  We've been warned of the consequences of "rejecting our Creator." And we have history to show the end results of poor decision making. Socialism, always, fails! King Solomon stated correctly that "nothing is new." Unbalanced scales have always been an abomination before the LORD. Double-tax, or excessive-taxes are a Judgment on the land.
  A-beast is a system made up of Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion; in that order. It is all of the state, and bondage. A-beast is financed with debt: someone, or something is in debt. Central-planners[economics] and the media [education] have deceived people into believing that paper is wealth: it is not wealth, but debt.
  The one-world-system is financed via debt. History has shown the past, and the now; what is going on currently, is the same. Empires are financed via Fiat-Currency.
The expansions of Empires, social-programs, and war, all financed with funny-money.


  1. War is a wealth-transfer. Inflation follows war. War is a result of extreme greed.
    Nations are forced via violence to accept funny-money, and rewarded with trade imbalances.
    The expansion of one-world-ism doesn't end well.

  2. Amos 8:1-7 "falsifying the balances by deceit." "Swallow up the needy, even to make the poor of the land to fail." business, by the "new moon." "Ephah small, and the shekel great[inflation]." Buy the poor for silver [social programs]. The LORD has "sworn to never forget any of their works."

  3. The Central-planners of today are following the same script of Amos 8; but we should not. Pay close attention to the Fake-leaders that are pushing this wicked-system: Religious-folks: these are informed, and - complicit .