Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Peace and Safety".

  "Peace and Safety"are buzzwords that are designed to drive out the truth, and replace it with deception. The wicked knows what this is about, and so should the followers of the Word. Peace and Safety is of the wicked: and it is man-made.
  The Apostle Paul says in 1Thes.5:1 don't focus on 'times and seasons" because Watchmen and Women should know what, why, and when. 5:3 For when THEY [shall] say "Peace and Safety" then sudden destruction cometh upon THEM.
  Paul was a student of the Word and did not allow deception to cause him to get rid of Part-One of the Scriptures. What appears to be coded messages, are not: John the Baptist, Christ Jesus, and the Apostles are quoting Holy-Scriptures. For context, one must go back, to the original.
  "Peace" is from a wicked practice [Mic.3:5] of false-prophets of putting an olive in their mouths and cry "Peace". The olive, branch, or leaf was a symbol of peace that the wicked copied, going back to Noah. But these Hypocrites would conduct this practice, around the alters of Baal.
  The wicked cry "Peace and Safety" with their finger on the button/trigger of destruction. They have actually rejected the LORD, and forfeited their Peace. Fake-ones can Not manufacture Peace, no matter how many Religious-folks are on board. Followers should know that the "LORD'S covenant [Mal.2:4,5] is with -  Levi - for life and Peace".


  1. War among you? Because of insatiable appetites, covetousness, extreme greed. Empire expansion, forcing nations accept fake-currency, results in war. $ - have lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1913[federal reserves and collection agency]. I.O.U. = 18 trillion$ of debt, with no plan, or intention of repaying this.

  2. Those crying Peace, are not interested in Peace.
    Those that have "rejected" the LORD, will be judged by the "laws of nature" which is a no win situation!
    "It is an abomination to hide the wicked."

  3. The tribe of Levi, a son of Jacob; who has the capacity for cruelty, was separated unto the LORD. To minister unto Him, and to - bless - in His NAME [Deut.10:8].
    The LORD are their inheritance [Deut.10:9].
    The Priest are descendant's of Levi: the covenant of Life and Peace is with them [Mal.2:4,5].

  4. Why so much death, violence/war? Fake-leaders, Fake-priest, Fake-prophets are in charge of the world of chaos: this is the fig-tree-generation!