Friday, March 27, 2015

The Pass-over!

  The Passover is of Christ. It was YHVH[Jehovah] that spoke with Moses from the burning bush; and gave directions to Moses on deliverance of the People. I Am[Jehovah] gave detailed instructions on the first Pass-over in Egypt. Because of ignorance, or deception, many Christians do not practice the highest - Holy - Day of the year.
  The Pass-over begin with the House of Jacob, as they were preparing to exit bondage. The details should be re-read by all during this time of the year. The Spring solar Equinox marks the beginning of the new year - then at sundown on the 14th. day - The Pass-over.
  This so named because death would recognize the lamb's blood, and Pass-over the house: which worked B.C.[before the Cross] but now A.C. [after the Cross] we are covered by the Ultimate-Blood; once, for all time. However, It must be invoked.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is our Pass-over. The evening before Christ-Jesus was to be crucified they ate "The Feast of The Pass-over." This is an application of Obedience, Faith, and Communion. All blood Ordinances were nailed to the Cross: the wine is a symbol of Christ Jesus-Blood; which was shed.  And the bread - His Body, which was broken.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus kept the "Feast of the Pass-over" and so should we. This is for the Followers of Christ-Jesus: everything else is a sorry copy by "play actors"[Hypocrites] who are determine to destroy via deception. Exodus 12 gives the details for what our Creator expects from us: leave the UN-believers alone to practice their idol-worship - especially on this High-Holy-Day.


  1. Luke 22:19 "This do, in remembrance of ME."
    Do what? Keep the "The LORD's Pass-over[Exodus - Chap.12]
    This is an act of obedience, faith, and relationship.
    The LORD can and does cover His own.

  2. Anyone, or anything that attempt to get in between the Pass-over, is an Idol. Remember the first 5 of the Ten Commandments: this is what GOD requires.
    Don't be like silly Cain, and get rejected. This relationship with our Creator, is diametrically opposed to Religion!

  3. The Pass-over is of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Christ on the Cross "fulfilled" what was started in Ex.12. It begin with The House of Jacob - and now includes who-so-ever-will. A lamb could not protect us from Satan, or heal our bodies: only the Blood of Christ-Jesus can do this.
    Thank You LORD for Your precious Blood.