Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Vile.

  The Vile are a specific group. They are classed as fool, foolish, or senseless. It is in the Vile's   nature, DNA, and choice, to be Vile. Up front, it should be stated that they are not cursed to damnation: they are in play for Salvation, along with everyone else.
  The father of the Vile is Cain; and the LORD attempted to "accept" him, but rebellion rose up, and his true-nature prevailed. For many years the descendants hid themselves, and their intentions: but during Immanuel's day, they were forced into the open. "In Spirit and Truth" is the standard - all else is Religion!
  In Gen.4 Cain brought an offering[lack Faith] unto the LORD by his own standard. Over time we see Cain's descendants working around the temple - to inside - to being the Scribes for the Tribe of Judah. Then during Immanuel's time, they were running the show: but not by the Word of our LORD. They refused to acknowledge Immanuel - they couldn't [Jn.4:1-5].
  Is.32:5-8 "The Vile person shall be no more called liberal." They are free-hearted with all others property. They believe in Socialism/Communism and all else that is contrary to our Creator. "Their hearts will work iniquity, to practice Hypocrisy." This is exactly who Immanuel identified - for us.
  Vile is described in Jer.24 with Two-Baskets of Figs. One is good; the other one evil. We are required to learn the Parable of the Fig-Tree, which goes back to Adam and Eve and the XXX activity that they were involved in; then covered themselves in fig-leaves.
Matt.13 identifies the Tares, who they are, and where they came from. This is their time[generation] and we should know who they are and "not follow them."


  1. Jer.29:17 "Vile-figs." These figs are worthless.
    Rev.2:9, and Rev.3:9 were two Churches that knew who those were that they are "...." and are not: they are Vile! We are admonished to test-the-fruit: an evil tree can only produce, evil fruit.

  2. The Churches of Smyrna, and Philadelphia got it right: these Two were teaching the Truth.
    Many today are heavily involved with the Vile-system, and are the water-boys for Globalism. Fake-prophets will encourage people to get involved in politics, because they support the Vile.

  3. "Never in bondage" was stated to Christ Jesus in Jn.8:33-48. This was correct because when the Tribe of Judah went into captivity in Babylon, their fathers fled and hid in Jerusalem [Jer.35:2-14]. The Rechabites = a kenite tribe who migrated with Israel to Canaan.

  4. The Truth is not racist or anti-race. The Truth is anti-deception.