Thursday, March 12, 2015

"The Word of the Kingdom".

  When Immanuel came, He brought Truth and Grace with Him. He also introduced the Kingdom of Heaven - on earth. GOD in the flesh, demonstrated for us, how to operate in the open without the "Hypocrites" understanding what was happening. We are to be wiser than the Serpent's-seed; and meek = under control of the Holy Spirit.
  GOD's speech of the Kingdom of Heaven, was in parables - just as Prophet [Is.6:9,10] said. Gathered in with the "multitude" were S.S.[Serpent's-seed] who were not looking for help, but blood!
  "Repent for the Kingdom of GOD, is at hand". This was John the Baptist sermon. It was Christ Jesus sermon: and the sermon that He taught to the Apostles-in training. This the message of the Followers of Christ-Jesus, then and now. The Religious - then, as well as now don't get it. The Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, is now open to who-so-ever-will.
  Christ spoke many things unto them in parables[Matt.13:3]. And the disciples came and said unto Him "Why speak Thou unto them in parables?" This is good training because it was requiring a new-Priest-hood; minus a judge, but with The-Judge. The Holy-Spirit would reside in our Temple.
  Why parables? No more religious Hypocrites. People must come correctly, and "get Understanding inside of their minds, and should be converted and I should heal them[C.J.]." The rebellious ones have poor sight, and poor hearing - and the Word concerning the Kingdom in parables.


  1. There continues to be much that the modern, built-on-sand churches don't understand, because of rebellion. Understanding begins with "reverencing the LORD" and stop with Idolatry. Mixing faith/beliefs is a man-made-concoction - doomed to failure.

  2. Kingdom of Heaven business, right now on the earth, was never intended to be understood by the religious, fakes, of the world[chaos].
    New-age-Bibles can Not assist, in understanding.

  3. Christ Jesus Commanded us to "learn a Parable of the fig tree." This is concerning timing; and it explains the players. This points directly back to the Parables of the Tares in the field: which goes back to what Adam, Eve, and Satan were involved in - that took place in the fig-grove.