Friday, April 17, 2015


  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth; and made it available to who-so-ever-will. From the beginning of this earth-age, our Creator has had Saints on the face of the earth. For almost 2,000 yrs. people have been guessing, and pronouncing who the Saints are, in their own opinion, Vs. looking to the LORD.
  "An hundred and forty and four thousand" is mention in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chap. 7; and again in Chap.14. One must be Spiritual-minded, and ask for assistance from GOD's-Spirit, for Understanding. Non-believers and Hypocrites don't stand any chance of understanding the Word, and are Blind.
  The 144,000 represent Twelve-Tribes of the House of Israel: Dan, and Ephraim are the only two that are omitted. The "Key of David" is found in Gen.35:22, Num.1, 1Chron.2, and Gen.49. The Truth is anti-deception, and will set people free.
  This group of 144,000 are descendants on the EARTH. The Sealing inside their brains = they know the Truth, and are the counter-balance of deception: they actively "stand" against, deception! Sealed, and set apart, for GOD's purpose.


  1. This 144,000 know and practice, the Truth: this knocks out Religion.
    Rev.7:9 states "After this" is totally separate, and takes place in the presence of the LAMB - in Heaven. The 144,000 are on the earth [ Rev.7:2,3].

  2. Second Witness = Rev.14:1-5. These were chosen, and proven; they accomplish the mission. This LAMB is Christ-Jesus.
    Un-Believers[Hypocrites] can cry foul or anti-..... all are not deceived.

  3. The 144,000 of Rev.7 are - on - the - earth - right - now!
    Why: because this is the "Generation of the Bad-figs". This wicked-nation has authority in the earth: this is their time. One-world-ism will continue to get worse under this group of Leaders: then suffer a serious injury.

  4. Matt.24:24 "False-Christ, and False-prophets, showing great signs and wonders; insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the Very-Elect." It is Not POSSIBLE.