Saturday, April 25, 2015


                                "GOD is LIGHT, and in Him is no darkness, at all."
It is paramount to get the above Truth in up front, as well as in the closing; the world of chaos - is Dark: it is Dark-owned, and operated. A sad report is that, the Darkness became more intense over the past 102 yrs. - and gets darker, by the month.
  Satan is the king of chaos, by his own choosing. He and his followers[fallen angels] have an assignment to complete, with the end results for them being the death-penalty. We are living in the Generation of the Fig-tree: which are a Nation/Ethnicity of the wicked one's kids.
  Lucifer [heaven name] saw, and beheld GOD face to face in the first-Heaven-age; yet rebelled.
Cain was fathered by Satan [earth name], yet GOD attempted to adopt him into the fold: Cain rebelled. The Nation of Cain descendants appear to have come out from all over the place = because this is their time.
  One from this wicked Nation[banker Meyer Rothschild],  "give me control of  a nation's monetary system, and I care not who write their laws." In most civilized nations that have a Republic-Form of Govt., with Three-Branches, the Legislators write the laws. This group of bankers are the Central-Planers of "A-beast" [Rev.13:3] that is upon us.
  Darkness = metaphor. employed as ignorance, or rebellious of Divine things, and its association to wickedness; and disassociation of GOD. The" Rulers of Darkness of the world[chaos]" have been shown. The table has been set for them: but we are to remain pure Virgins as the Bride of Christ-Jesus.
                               "GOD is LIGHT, and in Him, there is no Darkness, at all."


  1. The Anti-Christ-System is upon us: it represents bondage.
    Deception [Whitehorse] is bondage. The Truth makes us free.
    The light [revelation; Seals removed] of the Truth and It's Knowledge. The Truth is Knowledge.

  2. Ephes.6:12 " Rulers of Darkness of this world[chaos]. This is Satan, Cain, and their Children = Tares/Kenites/Serpent-seed. This is the Generation/Nationality of "A-beast.
    There are NO free-markets, without free-market-money: Who controls the chaos-money!
    The Truth shines into Darkness; and is Not racist.

  3. Matt.6:23 " How - deep - is - Darkness? "
    If the eye be evil, thy whole body will be full of Darkness. Via Keynesian-economics 18,000000000000 is hidden in plain sight. There are many evil-eyes, and Blind followers walking in Darkness.