Thursday, April 23, 2015


  Flood is first mention in Genesis, but lastly in The Revelation of Christ Jesus. Ironic that the first and last Book of the Bible employs a Flood; no. Satan has been, and always will be a copy: and can not keep up. Why Satan? Because he is involved in both of these Floods.
   Gen.6 gives the details of what caused the Flood of Noah's time. Fallen angels married and  produced giants with women, a tremendous amount of corruption and violence during that time. 2Peter2:5 for more details.
  This Flood was regional-specific, with the objective of destroying this wicked-world of Chaos. This Flood took place approximately 3,200 yrs. B.C. [before the Cross]. Flood = an overflow.
Is.59:19 switches from physical to another type of Flood. "When the Enemy shall come in like a Flood..." Dan.9:6 is similar, with the same Flood: "and the end thereof shall be with a Flood".
  Dan.11:22 "with the arm of a Flood." This is the White-horse; he is armed with a bow - with no arrows. His Flood is lies and deception. This is the current situation in the world: The Generation of Figs are in control, and miss-educate - readers, listeners, and viewers. They repeat lies so often "that it must be true."
  A-beast [one-world-system] release a Flood that comes after the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. The Flood gets worse because The-Beast releases from His mouth big lies and deception against the LORD's Election: these are the 144,000. The earth helped the Elect-ones by opening up, and swallowing up the lies/deception[Rev.12:12-17].


  1. Rev.12:16 = Saved!
    "Nothing new under the sun", the earth swallowing up the wicked is also in Num16:30.
    It was literal then, and will be literal in the future. The act will be new, only to Unbelievers. GOD is, and always, is in control.

  2. The Flood from the Enemy has been ongoing since the Garden. Satan has an insatiable desire to be GOD; he comes quite often as a Scripture-lawyer, or Religious-figure. His Flood is expected, and Believers are prepared for it. This Flood also intensifies via the White-horse.