Thursday, April 30, 2015


  Many whom claim to be Believers, have never heard this word Melchizedek, pronounced, or seen it in writing. The New-age-leaders are required to teach the "Traditions of Men" and in the process of time, omitted the "meat" of the Word. The hat, or seat may change; but the ONE wearing or sitting doesn't.
  Melchizedek = pronounced, Mal-ke-tseh-dek. King of Salem[Gen.14:18]. The Priest of the Most-High-GOD. King of Righteousness in Psalms 110:4. In fulfillment in Heb.7.
For students of the Word, it is clear now just Whom this is. Melchizedek is - I AM.
  Salem once was a place of Peace; represented as Jerusalem. This place under David's rule was at peace. "Gentiles are currently treading it under foot, and there will absolutely be no peace, until the King of Salem returns.
  The Gospel of Saint John explains that "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with GOD, the Word was GOD. All things were made by Him." This ONE is Eternal, Holy, and Self-Existent.
This is the Tree of Life in the Garden. HE spoke to Moses from the burning bush, and protected Daniel in the lion's den. HE was the "fourth MAN in the fire with the four-Hebrew-young men.
  The Truth is that Immanuel-Christ-Jesus has always been - and always will be: even after the clock of time runs out. Little-children, stop looking for "another-Christ" and seek hard, the meat of the Word.


  1. The Written Word is important: we get to know the thoughts, and plans of the Creator of the Universe. The importance? We should seek a Right-standing relationship with the correct GOD. Idolatry is a big no-no; yet it is quite common today - and will continue down the wrong track.

  2. Melchizedek met Abram returning from battle and HE brought fourth bread and wine: This is the Head of the Priesthood, that took Communion, and blessed him.
    Requiring a blessing? Try communing with the PRIEST!

  3. Gen.14:18 = History.
    Psalms 110:4 = Prophecy.
    Hebrews Chap.7 = Fulfillment.

  4. He sat down with His Disciples after the Resurrection and ate with them.
    Rev.3:20 "I will come in and sup with him."
    All-knowing, All-powerful - yet intimate is our LORD!