Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Now Faith."

  Now Faith is the substance, of things hoped for, the evidence of things, not seen - Heb.11:1. This Vs. is loaded with goodies; this blog will be hitting the high-notes, only. With Now Faith, all that GOD has called us to do, is possible. Now Faith should be current: weekly, daily, and minutes.
  "Faith" = is conviction of truth; belief, trust - as a follower of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: in HIM. HE is the Christ; and HE has done what was prophesy, is now reality. The Holy-Spirit has confirmed Immanuel in our spirits. Christ-Jesus is also the "Substance" = the Spiritual Rock, Substructure, Foundation.
  "Evidence" = proof, that has been tested or proved. Young David comes to mind, as he rejected King Saul's gear; and chose to go with what he knew: his sling and smooth round stones. David was gifted, and Anointed - because of his connection to the True-Vine, he was a threat to the wicked.
  "Things" = been done, an accomplished fact; that which is, or exists. Things are in the Spirit-realm, then manifested in the natural. This could also be fruit. Discerning people know that something is going on - just can't quite put their finger on it. "Not-seen"= to see and discern: Perceived by the use of the eyes. This requires more than just physical sight.
  Hebrews Chap.11 has an incomplete roll of Now-Faith-Walkers. A current one of Now-Faith-Walkers should include our names.
              Hebrew11:6 "But without Faith, it is impossible please HIM [Immanuel-Christ-Jesus].....


  1. Now-Faith is just as important today as it was 2015 years ago. The Plan is incomplete and Faith-Walkers are required: we are the counter for the 4-little-horns, and the 4-horses of Rev.. We are anti-deception and are required to stand. Let our report be "Well done, MY good and Faithful-servant."

  2. Faith comes by hearing - and hearing - by the WORD of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.
    Once we grab onto the fact that it has always been about Christ-Jesus, our hearing increases. The LORD touches us to hear, with understanding and discernment. Christ is our daily BREAD; feast-up daily- stay connected.

  3. Deceived-leaders teach that the Law is done away with, or the Old Testament is obsolete; have forfeited True-Faith, in exchange for religion ["work of the Devil"]. There is but one True-Vine, period.

  4. "Upon this Rock." ? Matt.16:16 "THOU art The-CHRIST, The-SON of the Living-GOD."
    This is The-ROCK that the church [assembly] is built upon.
    "And the gates of hell [grave] shall not prevail against it."
    Look around at the buildings: is Now-Faith involved; or not!