Monday, April 20, 2015

Read or Read.

  Read, or Read.One is current, the other past tense. Both are equally important. Ignorance is not to be employed lightly; but sometimes there is no substitute for those that lack knowledge, awareness, or uninformed. Our LORD desires that we are full of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding: our Enemy; just the opposite.
  Our LORD spoke to Moses, who was a type of Christ, and he wrote it down - to be Read to the people. This was the Priesthood's job. These Priest, were descendants of Levi, and so was Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. The majority of the people could not Read nor write; this is usually the doorway of the Thief.
  Our LORD[YHVH] is the One Whom gave the Law to Moses, which was known as Mosaic Law. Jesus birth-Mom was a daughter of Aaron = Levi. And so was Jesus. The Law-Giver was constantly confronted by Hypocrites[Fakes], and Immanuel took that opportunity to - expose them as such.
  The Enemy, and His children [Tares] always slither into positions where Reading and writing is required. Starting with Scribing for the Tribe of Judah, then attempting to steal their I.D.. The same for Centralized-govt.. The planners are Tares. "The Thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy" - that's all.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus busted the Fakes by asking "Have you not Read." This question exposes them then, as well as today as Play-actors, and Hirelings. These wicked-leaders were Not following Mosaic-law, but the "Traditions of men" which belongs to Satan.


  1. Read or Read = there is no choice. Ignorance is the state of being uninformed, unaware.
    Leaders that refuse to Read, intentionally misread, or deviate from the Truth, are exposed as Fakes. All should Read, Recite, and Practice, only the Truth: otherwise - move out of the way.

  2. Those who "hate the LORD" are ignorant, and allow the ignorance, and consequences to "visit their children to the fourth generation." Often times they are guilty of trusting[Jer.17:5] in man to Read for them.

  3. What time is it? The "four little horns[kings] are in place: Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion - in order.
    Three of the Four-Horseman of Rev. have been released onto the earth.

  4. The Revelation of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus Chap.7:2,3 The untouchables.
    Chap.9:4 These are in-bounds, and available for serious hurt, and trouble.
    Our LORD is the only ONE Whom decides between Chap. 7, and Chap. 9.
    Repent, for the Kingdom is available - right now!