Thursday, April 9, 2015

Testimony: a key!

  The King James  Bible is loaded with answers - but must be read. It is broken down into Covenant One; and Covenant Two. The often over-looked part is Testimony, which is present, from beginning to end. This less than exciting information, is worthy of chewing on [meditating], until the obvious becomes clear.
  Testimony = a witness. To be a witness, I. E. testify, before a judge; bear record.
Ex.16:34 "As the LORD commanded Moses, so Aaron laid it up before the Testimony, to be kept." GOD-Elohim: plural, is the Ultimate Witness. And we are in HIS image.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus [Matt.8:1-4] healed a man of leprosy and gave the instructions that Moses commanded, for a Testimony unto them. The meat: It is a honor to be a Witness [Matt.10:18] for the LORD and against those that are in need of Salvation.
  Luke 21:13[Mark13, and Matt.24] the ultimate Testimony will be before "a beast" - then, - "The Beast". The Holy-Spirit speaks through us: we have nothing to fear, and are not to "premeditate on what to speak". Short of this big event, we are to be Witnesses; just as John the Baptist, and the Apostles, etc..
  The Witness has to "see, or hear" [Jn.3:32] things of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; which is the Word, from start to finish. A Testimony result from going through, Vs. running and hiding. Rev.12:11 is a key - practice often. The 144,000 are Sealed, and know the Truth: these are GOD's church[singular]. They are the counter-balance for the "labor-pain-trouble of the world of chaos.


  1. 144,000 of the House of Jacob/Israel: Read again Rev.7:3-8. This is real and True of these workers, and those "grafted" in. This is not racist, or racism. Point? Stop with the deception of following those [Tares] that do Not Believe. This "Generation" are actually Anti-Christ. The have no Testimony.

  2. 30 second business-sales-pitch is a great objective. The same goes for discerning the difference between one on the ROCK, and a Hypocrite. One the realization that a hole has been dug; first thing to do is put the shovel down. The same applies for following "Blind Leaders" - stop!

  3. Jn.3:30-34 is a mouthful of Truth. Of the earth, is earth, and speaks of the earth.
    He that is from above, Speaks, Testifies, Witness, what HE has seen, and heard.
    Receive HIS Testimony - set to his seal that GOD is True.
    What is the White-horse[Rev.6:2] talking about? Only flesh and the world!