Monday, April 27, 2015

"Two Masters"

  "No man can serve Two Masters" which is simple but true. The word serve is a verb and can be employed in two different ways - good or bad. There is no, neutral-ground here; we are all in service to someone, something, somehow.
  The deception involved is the bad-system has done a fairly good job of getting people to believe that they are free: they are not. Especially when it comes to Religion[Satan's tool], which means = to return to bondage. Reminder: Immanuel-Christ-Jesus came to set the captives free. Death in the Garden, deceived freedom, and our personal contact with our Creator, from them; but restored by Christ-Jesus.
  Two Masters! Our Creator requires mankind to "freely" chose to serve HIM, during this earth-age. El-Satan left out the word "freely" in the Garden then, and now, because He employs deception to gain followers. Service to One of these Masters is required: it is impossible to serve both. "In Spirit and Truth" to GOD [El-o-him]; or working spreading wickedness via physical work or financing the Dark-One-world-System.
  Deut.28 has clearly the "Blessings of obedience" and the consequences of disobedience. The disobedient-one automatically fall servant to the Prince-of-the-world.
Our LORD knows our heart; and where our heart is. Our treasure and hearts will be located - together[Matt.6:21]. Believers treasury should be inside the Kingdom of Heaven - right now.
  The world right now serves their Master via debt. Just in the Caesar-System alone is 18,000000000000T.$ I.O.U.s of debt floating around: but its connected to everyday activities and the service of people. The time is now, that people can Not by, or sell, unless they have the "Mark of the Beast".


  1. Three of the "four-little-horns" are here and in place: Three of the "four-horse-men" are already in play. This is the Generation of Tares - and people are serving their-system. Their are Two-kingdoms involved: if not in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, then that automatically places one in the World [chaos] kingdom.

  2. "You can Not serve GOD and mammon." = which is ill-gotten-gain.
    "For where your treasure is, there, will your heart be also. Treasure is the place where valuables are kept. The items of the treasury can become idols; a savior. Our heart is the center of all physical, and Spiritual life - the intersection of the 5-senses, and our Soul. Our LORD knows our thoughts, and can Not be conned.

  3. "Unable to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast." This system is controlled by the "Monopoly-men" which are Tares. The Federal Reserves, and the I.R.S. knows: these off-shore-corps. control the Caesar-system. People are serving the Debt-masters, and many have no clue.

  4. "No man" = no man! This earth-age one must decide whom to love, serve, and follow. It is impossible to serve Two... To believe otherwise is to deceive, ourselves.
    "Does a fountain send fountain send fourth both sweet water, and bitter."
    Can a fig tree bear olive berries; or a vine figs." These are rhetorical.