Tuesday, May 5, 2015

" Beware "

  The word Beware has been employed many times throughout the Word of GOD. The word is a warning to be cautious and alert to dangers: give attention, take heed. The word "Beware" should jump out at the reader or hearer.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus begins Matt.7:15 with "Beware" - when employed by Christ should require us all to sit up straight, and pay close attention. Our Enemy is slick; and so are the Children. We must know the tactics. Handling Righteous business during this age attracts many to the Light: not all are with good intentions.
  "Beware" of the false-prophets, which come - to you! These two-legged-snakes will come to you - in sheep-clothing. These Hypocrites act the part of a divinely, inspired, prophet, utters falsehoods. These classify themselves as Religious .... So that they can get close: then the "ravening" comes out in the form of an employee-of-Satan.
  2Tim.3:1-9 Give details of what, who, and the end-results. What Apostle Paul forewarned of, all of the LORD's Disciples went through. We must know that these cycles continue, and will involve us. The above is being repeated right now and Watchmen/Women must hear the Beware trumpet sounding.
  Look through the "sheep-clothing" and focus on the "fruit", for it - is what, determines good, or bad: it judges itself. 2Tim.3:1-5 shows the fruit - these are Religious-folks. Vs. 6,7 shows their "creepiness." And the end: stopped by their own folly, that is manifested to those that "Beware."


  1. 2Tim.3:8 mentions Jannes and Jambres: these are two Religious-fellows that opposed Moses. They were Pharaoh's finest - made up two groups = "wise men, and sorcerers. Our LORD employed Moses [type of Christ] to expose the Enemies tools. Why? Beware; the circle continues!

  2. David's sling and stones were anointed unto the LORD.
    Moses's [Ex.4:2-4] rod, became the LORD's Rod.
    We must never forget that our-weapons are not carnal[2Cor.10:3-5]. Our best, belongs to our LORD - we must never forget this.