Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Declaration of Dependence"

  The Declaration of Dependence is just the opposite of the Declaration of Independence. The "wiles of the Devil" show up or manifest themselves in Principalities, Rulers of the Darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places. These Three develop into sorry kingdoms, socialism, or communism.
  Endowed by their god, with certain Rights, among these are: Death, Bondage, and the pursuit of Unhappiness. That to secure these Rights, Centralized-govt. is instituted among rebellious-mankind. Sounds crazy; because it is - even among the church: because they push bondage[Religion].
  El-Satan stole some authority from the Garden. He is the king of the world of chaos. Matt.4:8,9 shows the seriousness, and wicked-audacity of this " little-g " - for this is His plan for as many people as possible = Idolatry. Endowed? Yes! Santa/govt. becomes the Answer/Savior/Christ.
  The "rejection of our LORD" opens the flood-gate for the world of chaos to enter. 1Sam.8:5-19 explains this process, and the transfer in detail. Things turn into "Egypt's-House-of-Bondage": mentioned in the Prelude to the Ten Commandments. This "House" goes by several names, including System, Democracy, Caesar, President, Chairman, Dictator, etc..
  The System requires funny-money for finance ; wars and rumors of war are required for this man-made-mess. Their sermons consist of peace, security, and social-justice; which always come up a day late, and a dollar short; always. The New Deal, The Great Society, and Obama-care, etc. are all schemes and shames from the little-g.


  1. Usury [use-me] is a serious sin - because it transgresses the LORD's law.
    Unbalanced scales are an abomination before the LORD.
    But the Synagogue of Satan pushes debt and dependence - which is the world's System.

  2. Is.49:26 The Oppressor will be dealt with: The LORD has promised it, and states that its the Righteous thing to recompense those that trouble us.
    We must come out[stay out] from among the death, bondage, and unhappiness of the world system. Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here, right now.

  3. Santa[govt.] doesn't create anything - except debt.
    The gifts [largess] are transferred wealth, from someone else.
    Empires never last because of the rejection of our LORD, immorality, then DEBT.
    "Come out from among them."