Friday, May 29, 2015


  Elijah the Prophet, was great, is great, and will be in the future. Known in Part-1 of the Word as preforming miracles, and being taken away by a strange vehicle. Elijah was much more: Major statements have been fulfilled, and He plays a major roll[sign] in the return of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.
  It is important to note that Elijah is of the House of Jacob. It is difficult to ascertain what Tribe, or where exactly He was born[Tishbite]: this is not an oversight. Throughout His life, He was a mighty warrior for the LORD, fighting against Idolatry. Elijah was concentrated among the Ten-Northern-Tribes.
  The Prophet Elijah was very bold - quite possibly the boldest of all of the Prophets[1Kings]. Mal4:5 Elijah's return is a True-promise, and a True-sign. John the Baptist was a Type: He came in the Spirit of Elijah! John stood against the Serpent-seed, the Brood of Vipers, until his death.
  Present and accounted for on the Mt. of Transfiguration, meeting with Immanuel-Christ-Jesus was Moses, and Elias[Elijah] the Prophet. Moses representing the Law; and Elijah representing Prophecy - and all of the Prophets. Neither of these Two died, or received a burial: GOD simply removed them, for a special time.
  Rev.11 is the-time of The-Beast: It will have five [5] months, which is also the time of the Locus, for those keeping score; "to deceive the whole world." At the same time the LORD's Two-Witnesses will be in The-Beast's face speaking against It - just as Elijah and John did.


  1. BELIEVERS - "Power to handle Serpents[Generation] from Mark16:17,18. Elijah will be one of two Witnesses. Take up Serpents = is to take on the Generation of the Serpents-seed: the Brood of Vipers. These are Kenites.

  2. Rev.11 GOD's two Witnesses that Witness against The Beast, that will be on earth, in the flesh for 5 months. "Power to shut up heaven" [1King17] and to "turn waters into blood" [Ex.7:17]. The LORD will make Moses and Elijah as gods before the Beast.

  3. "No man knows the day, nor the hour" of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus return: but it is narrowed down to 3 and 1/2 days Rev.11:9. Rev.
    The world celebrates: Satan-mas in September!
    Then " WOE."