Tuesday, May 26, 2015

" No Murder "

  The Word of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is always relevant. Life really is simple; it was designed to be simple, and is for those that follow the Rules of the Creator. Life is too short to guess at truth, right and wrong, or whom to follow. Our LORD put it all in His Instruction-Manuel: however it must be read, and applied.
  By definition, Cain murdered his half-brother Abel. The LORD condemned Cain, and he became a dead-man-walking[wondering]. From Cain to the Crucifixion of Christ, this seed-line[Kenites/Tares] have been involved in many Murders. Their doctrine of control, or destroy includes Murder - even today!
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus identified "This Generation" of people that sought to Murder Him: from the righteous blood of Abel, to the Prophet[Matt.23:35] slain between the Temple and the Alter. "This Generation" - are Religious; they make up the Synagogue of Satan.
Murder = unauthorized killing. To lay in wait to carry out the killing[ambush]. Killing with hatred in one's heart.
  Matt.5:21 "Thou shalt not kill - this is Murder." This is from Ex.20:13. "Thou shalt not kill." Matt.19:18 "Thou shalt do No Murder." Those that commit Murder, are worthy of death[Rom.1:29].
"Thou shall not kill the innocent, or the righteous": this includes Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, and aborted babies for money, or a form of birth control.
  The Generation of Viper's time, is now: just look at the leaders[Education, Economics, Politic, Religion]. Matt.23:31-33 Christ id them, and stated "Ye are witnesses against yourselves, that you are the Children[offspring] of Cain = Kenites. We are not to Murder, period. Lev.20 we have a duty, Not to look the other way: certainly we should not follow the wicked and attempt to hide behind them.


  1. "Preach Christ Crucified" = who, what, when, and how. The Who were the Brood of Vipers that John the Baptist, and Immanuel-Christ-Jesus id, just for us. They[Kenites/Tares] plotted and schemed for 3 and 1/2 yrs. on how to Murder the Creator of everything!

  2. All of the various definitions of Murder, applies to what the Enemy[Matt.13:24-40] did.
    Conspiracies can be verified - with history.
    "In their Synagogue[Lk.4:15], after the reading of Isaiah, the Assembly, attempted to cast Him down a steep hill - Headlong: this is exactly what was done to Judas, by the same Players.

  3. The Thief has allowed the Spirit of Murder to roam freely across the land. Our LORD never intended for this to be the case. The-Abortion-Industry is of Satan: when people turn, or bury their heads; Murder-Spirits are released into communities and neighborhoods. Sadly, church-folks can't Understand the connection!!!