Saturday, May 2, 2015

" Social "

  Over the past decade, there has been much unrest by groups that have grievances against the govt. or private-corps. We have seen the fires, looting and traffic stoppage. The Whitehorse can only report that this Social-unrest, is a result of Social-in-justice. The supporters of the one-world-system requires "insurrectionist" to move the "progress" along.
  Followers of Immanuel should operate at a high standard. As long as people are not breaking GOD's Law, we should attempt to get along. We should never compromise our Faith, to get along with others; including - Religion.
  The "four little horns" or "little kings" are in order: Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion. These are Satan's tools. The "Social" covers all four; progressing from 1-4: that is why they call themselves = Progressives. Whatsoever is hyphenated with Social, becomes one word with it: IE ism, list, justice, ministry, preacher etc..
  Satan: the old scripture-lawyer introduced Social-in-justice in the Garden, and His Children [Tares] and followers have been at it ever since. Satan omitted the word "freely". He also made it appear that GOD had shorted them on information that would have given them more power.
  Central-planners are covered up with Scripture, and Law specialist that are the Agents of the Principalities, Powers, Rulers of Darkness of this world[chaos], and Spiritual wickedness in High places. The fake attack on Capitalism begin in the 1830 in France and United Kingdom and traveled West. Their Doctrine was people are victims of Capital - and Govt. must equalize, and make it right.


  1. What was in the Garden, is now in Govt., and people should be aware that our LORD knows the "Plan" that He has for each of us individually, and collectively. Miss-education is the shaky-sand that one-world-ism is built upon: it becomes top-heavy, then collapses.

  2. Dr. Carter G. Woodson wrote in 1933 that the education system in America was designed to indoctrinate, or destroy. What may have been dismissed as opinions, or conspiracy, has now been a proven fact. Don't look at the looters, or rioters - look at the leaders; and their response. The govt. has become Santa: aka Savior.

  3. Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus should Wikipedia "Social" before taking a yoke with the deceived, or Non-Believer. Idolatry is serious. All four of the "little horns" are connected to Idol-worship, and is dealt with now and later: ask Adam and Eve.