Monday, May 18, 2015

"Synagogue of ....."

  This quote is from The Revelation of *Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; and is only speaking to - a small Group: about - a small Group. In other words, this is serious meat, that is Not for everyone. *I.C.J. is LIGHT and in HIM there is no - Darkness, at all[1Jn.1:5]. We as followers must illuminate our surroundings as well.
  In the Garden we see Christ-Jesus as the Tree of Life: He shows up many times throughout Part-1 of the Bible. He takes up residence with man, with items from an Offering in Ex.25, beginning from the inside 1/3[Sanctuary] to the outer 2/3[Tabernacle, and Ark]. This moved, until King Solomon built a Temple.
  Temple - a Sacred, dwelling place for our Creator. Followers must know the difference between a Temple of GOD, Vs. a Synagogue! In Rev.2:, and 3:9 the only two Churches that knew the "Key of David" and knew the entire Truth = which made them free. Over time the word Sanctuary became interchangeable with Temple; which is extremely important knowledge.
  John the Baptist, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, His Disciples, and Followers are to teach "Repent: for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Immanuel brought it[Kingdom] with Him, and made it available "to whosoever will." The Kingdom is inside of us[Luke 17:21, 1Cor.3:16,17] at the intersection of our Eyes, and Ears = the Sanctuary/Temple of GOD.
  The exact same as above, occurs for the king-of-chaos, His children[Tares], and their deceived-followers. A Synagogue = an assembly of ....: the building where .... assemblies are held. Over the past 2,015 yrs. this Synagogue is between the eyes and ears of two or more like-minded Followers-of-Satan. As in Jer.24 the "evil-figs" are immediately known: always, look at the Fruit!


  1. A Synagogue is an assembly of .... Look for their body of WORK: "for by their works, ye shall know them." They have assembled inside Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion.

  2. The "blasphemy" [extremely-insulting] of Rev.2:9 is through deception - they have attempted to convince, that they are connected to the Creator of LIFE. Religion = bondage; which in and of itself, is an Antichrist. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus came to destroy these works.

  3. Rev.2:9 "Which say they are...." Beware of those claiming!
    Dan.2 shows the end results of Clay[Believers] and Iron[Tares] - it doesn't mix, and it collapses.

  4. Why did Immanuel come to the location 2,015 yrs. ago? It was the epicenter of Hypocrites, Fake-ones who were claiming to be, what they were not. The assembly can easily be seen in 2015 as well.

  5. Zech.6:12,13 was Prophetic.
    Mal.3:1 HIS Temple.
    Matt.27:51 Temple switched: This one is not made by hands. 1Cor.3:16,17 We are the Temple of GOD.