Sunday, May 10, 2015


  Terror has been in the news, going back 6,000 yrs.. It however has become more intense, and widespread at the same time. As Followers, we must know and apply basic principles of our LORD and stay in HIS shadow. Terror is designed to do exactly, what it is doing.
  Terror = destruction, ruin, a breaking, fright, dread, exceedingly fear, horror, terrible, idol: yes idol!
Terrorism comes from the base "Terror" - and is designed to do all of the above. Idol is in play because it is one of the root causes of Terror: but the Powers of Darkness who is ultimately the problem; chooses the enemy of the month.
  "We don't negotiate with Terrorist." ? They do, and always have: it is imperative to the scheme to keep We the People, uninformed. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus said "Consider the cost." A part of this is finding out what the so-called-enemies, demands are. Over the past 112 yrs. the fights have been over Empire-expansion: and or Debt-Notes, aka currency wars.
  Our LORD can be a Terror to non-believers; especially so to those described in Rom. Chap.1. Lev.26:14-17 shows the Mind-set of our Creator, and how Terror is employed. This is not some dirty 6-letter word that we must not utter. Rebellion to our LORD causes problems. The Rejection of our LORD causes problems. Look around!
  Immunity: Is.54:14 Always from the King James - read for self Edification, and Preservation.
The war on Terror is a scam; from Schemers that brought on wars since 1913, and the  overthrow of leadership, are of the "Powers of Darkness".


  1. The Creator of Heaven and earth can hold back, or release Terror.
    Deut.32:25 "A sword without, and Terror within. Is it coming to the Nations of the West? Yes. Centralized Govt. is an easy target: and yes the Locus Army is already on the inside.

  2. Giving up civil-liberties will not save people. That is not a part of Is.54:14 which states
    " In Righteousness, shalt thou be established:" Our LORD keeps the oppression, fear, and Terror away from us.

  3. "Wars and rumors of war" are necessary for the Doctrine of Cain to continue moving forward [aka Progressive-movement]. The doctrine of Control, or Destroy causes wars. The intent of the One-world-Beast-system is to have the little people pay, for their own bondage: so far it has been working!

  4. Can the war on Terror be won? Heck-no. But the Tyrants will release a "flood of lies" against anyone that is not supportive.
    Christians should ask the same question that Joshua ask Christ as HE was geared up for battle - "are THOU for us, or for our adversaries? " Joshua was Wise: we should be too!