Saturday, June 20, 2015


  Amiss is a very interesting word, that is powerful. This is the answer to many un-answered prayers for babes in Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. People are missing their marks and don't know why.
  Amiss[James4:3] is = evil intent, greedy/covetousness, selfish. Wikipedia = not quite right, inappropriate, out of place, wrongly.
History over the past 2,015 years; especially over the past 100 years speaks loud and clear, that something is not quite right. This is not speaking of the World[chaos], but the church, and church-folks.
  The same stuff [processed-food] of the World - is inside man's-house. The answer to over population should be practice the LORD's way; which is always Right. The World's answer is birth control in the form of Murder; which is always wrong. The spirit of Murder has found comfort in communities and man's-house.
  They ask for peace and prosperity and get none from the LORD. The answer is in the Apostle James4:4 - "this adultery is friendship with the World[chaos] is enmity with the LORD." The acceptance of one, is the rejection of the Other-ONE. Quite often the poor-leaders have brought this Judgment to pass.
  The O-jays "Give the people what they want." The Chi-lites "More power to the people." are just two of many Socialist songs along the way: brought to us by the Progressive movement that "rejected" our LORD via friendship and tolerance of the World. This could have been, and still can be stopped: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven, is here." "Come out from Babylon.


  1. In Exodus Moses was ticked at Aaron for "not restraining the people" concerning the golden calf/Idolatry. The Prophet Samuel call the people "wicked" for requesting their own king - just as all of the surrounding nations.
    Our LORD has no intentions of blessing Satan: It has been condemned to die.

  2. Our LORD is not the author of confusion: but HE can certainly put it to work.
    The Tower of Babel was being constructed, successfully, by people that were enemies of our LORD. Of one language = same mind, one accord. That system collapsed just as today's system, simply by language barriers/confusion.

  3. The New-age-church has operated without the Holy-Spirit: The LORD has said no[Amiss] and Satan has said yes - just as in the Garden. This is foolishly building on sand; Progressivism will never stand.

  4. Asking Amiss. Foreign corps own many man-houses; just like GOD said the result of "disobedience" would be in Deut.28 would.
    Only good and perfect gifts come from LORD, period.