Saturday, June 13, 2015

" Foul "

  Many sports-minded people understand what a Foul and a penalty flag is. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I.C.J] had a way of calling out, or exposing some things that were very wrong. He admonishes us to employ wisdom, and meekness as we travel through life.
  Foul = impure, morally lewd, demonic, unclean. trouble, turmoil, bad.
Every time I.C.J. made the statement: "Have ye not read?" He is tossing a penalty flag on a Foul. He is drawing attention to a serious trap of Religion; and we should all sit up straight and take note. Why, because this is continuously repeating itself.
  In Moses day, He[Priest], Elders, and Scribes were the Readers. They insured that the people were Read to, and knew the Book of the Law/Covenant. The Religious-Fakes-Hypocrites were sitting in the Seat of Moses as Levi-Priest: and GOD exposed them.
  Reading of the Rules were required for a Right-standing Relationship with our LORD, and for Liberty. The Thief who is diametrically opposed to our Relationship, and Liberty, addresses this problem by stopping, or altering what is Read[the White-Horse of Rev.]. The deception is covered over with eye and ear-candy.
  "Read the Book of the Law" Ex.24:7. "Read therein, all the days of his life" Deut.17:19. "Read this Law before all of Israel"Deut.31:11. This Reading is mentioned also in: Joshua, 2Kings, 2Chron., Neh. Isaiah, Jer.. Then I.C.J. stands in their Synagogue and Reads: which resulted in a plot for HIS murder.


  1. "Have you not read" is rhetorical, because the answer is obvious. This Fake-scheme continues today: Leaders, not allowed to Read. Immanuel is pointing out a Foul. Something is A-foul and needs immediate attention.

  2. Just as the wind shift redirects the smell of the out-house, and it is immediately recognized; so should the smell of Fake-leaders.
    Immanuel came to destroy the works of the Devil = Religion.

  3. "Have you not Read" was a True-Priest response to Religion. Matt.12:3, 12:5, Matt.19:4, Matt.21:16, Matt.21:42, Matt.22:31, Mark 12:26.
    Don't continue to be ignorant/guilty.

  4. New-age-Bibles don't count.
    Telling followers that this is what I read, and so should you = trouble.
    Immanuel from Gen.1 through Rev.22:21 only recognizes, HIS-WORDS. Read it!