Wednesday, June 17, 2015

" Gold-mind "

  Yes, mind is spelled correctly. Gold is a precious metal, that is rare and difficult to get to. It is first mentioned in the Word in Gen.2:11 and is mentioned throughout the Word. It is not to be worshipped, or made Idols of: it can not save our Souls from destruction. It does however have many, positive qualities that we should know about.
  Gold is an excellent store of our labor: it is also one of the older forms of money that has been employed for approximately 6,000 yrs.. Gold truly is a standard that other currencies are measured by. Gold, a great currency, is an enemy of fiat or fake currencies - especially I. O. U. -debt/dollar.
  A Gold-mine allows one to see quick, fast, and in a hurry what is of value; and what is not. Regardless of one owning Gold/Silver, or not: one must know the difference between a hard asset, and a liability. Gold and Silver has always been worth something; always. Not so much for the other Nouns.
  Big-Daddy-Abram [Gen.13:2] "was very rich[wealthy] in cattle, in Silver, and in Gold." The difference between rich and wealthy: An abundance, enjoyed for a lifetime. Wealthy is an abundance for  generations: often three and four generations. "A righteous man/women leaves an inheritance to the children's children."
  A Gold-mine is aware of Jn.10:10 and the admonishment of Immanuel to be Wise, and Meek: know who the Enemy is, His children, and their objective. Unbalanced-scales are an abomination to our LORD. The fake-stuff of Hypocrites has always been worthless. Debt is bad yesterday - and tomorrow.


  1. Debt is a paradise, only to the Ponzi-schemers. "Be careful of those that will attempt to make Merchandise of you." This also is the Synagogue-of-Satan. Our LORD continues to shout "Come out from among Them."
    Good and bad Fruit can Not co-exist!

  2. Slag = a waste matter, separated from metals during processing[smelting/refining] of the ore. Also considered a completely useless by-product.
    Mal.3:3 has people, going through this very same process.
    Do Not touch[leave them alone] those that refuse to be Processed by our LORD!

  3. Remember the Golden-Rule? He that has the Gold, makes the Rules. This is so concerning hard assets Vs. fiat. Stamping a $ on an I.O.U. does not add value, or change it from debt to an asset. B.T.W. Gold has been flowing from the West, into the East.
    Hard assets only - please.

  4. Freedom, or Free-markets? Not without Free-money! Free money is money that has value, and minus the Monopoly.